About Us

The path of Sato Spa and its clients is guided by owner Tracy Altringer.  With years in the spa and salon business, Tracy has chosen to use her education and experience to marry the beauty traditions of the past with the knowledge and innovation of the present.  She understands all aspects of the industry, with a background that includes both hair and nails, in addition to the treatment of skin.

In pursuit of her passion, Tracy studied and was
licensed as an esthetician and completed an entire apprenticeship before bringing her concept for Sato to life. The zen quality of Sato has drawn heavily from nature.  Many of the products used in the spa are a specialized blend of botanicals and other natural and organic components.  A list of ingredients will likely show fruit acids, wine vinegars, and other elements provided by the sun, wind, and rain.  Even the ultra-modern process of microderm abrasion has been given an organic twist, as Sato uses earth-friendly baking soda crystals as our abrasion medium.